Personal Mission Statement


  1. When I die one day. People value me for the impact I’ve brought to world and to individuals.
  2. Work hard for all that I do.
  3. Give my best effort in every task.
  4. Ethusiastically approach the challenges and all else I do.
  5. Be open, honest and generous.
  6. Seek the counsel of others frequently and thoughfully.
  7. Never be satisfied with the status quo, I will be an agent of change.
  8. Seek to improve and grow those around and beneath me in work and all other areas.
  9. Not seek my own glory. Seek for humankind.
  10. Never taking this too seriously but become agent in everything.


  1. Be a reliable and respected person.
  2. Be a determined person, set goals and daily plan for myself, stick to them while keeping flexibility.
  3. Give an increasing portion of all I own to charity.
  4. Spend the wealth with my family.
  5. Visit over 100 courntries to develop a broad world view and a passion.
  6. Continue to read. I will read at least five significant books each year.
  7. Continue to learn. Pick up at least one new topic, sport, field or craft per year.
  8. Live heathily. Sleep before 11PM and get up before 7AM.
  9. Excercise regularly, at least three times per week.
  10. Control my weight, keep BMI around 21.(73kg)
  11. Accumulate wealth. Accumulate 50% of my annual income for future.
  12. Learn to invest. Make use of the compound effect.


  1. The Juggling Act: Bringing Balance to Your Faith, Family, and Work

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