VPS for proxy and an appeal for Liberty

VPS: Virtual Private Server.

Proxy: It refers to bypassing the GFW (the Great Firewall of Internet of China) here.

Recently, I happen to find that one of my precious VPS hosted by Bandwagon Host was blocked by the GFW. It was a VPS connected to China using the CN2 GIA line and I can connect directly to LA(Los Angeles) under a network service provided by China Telecom and China Mobile. 

I purchased this VPS a week or so ago with a Black Friday Discount, merely $33 dollars every year for dedicated 1000Mbps network service with stable connection and 250GB data transfer per month. But unfortunately, as I mentioned, it is now blocked by the GFW. I am now upset and furious. I don’t know if my another VPS with 1TB data transfer hosted by BWH(short for Bandwagon Host) with the same IP range is also blocked before I test it.

So what I intend to do in this article is to announce that I will appeal for a free and secure Internet space continuously so long as, as Chinese citizens, we do not have the proper right to access the International Internet. Before we can shake the government, I would like to introduce some methods to support you free access to the worldwide Internet.

In fact, I have covered the most economical way in my Github, you can go to my GitHub for the step by step tutorial on how to set up a VPS for proxy quickly.

Besides, I highly recommend using Express VPN as your major option, 99 dollars per year with lower risk of being blocked and a dummy startup.

Using VPS hosted by Google Cloud as a backup is a good choice. You can check out this tutorial on YouTube if you have access to, if not, don’t worry, I may cover it later.

I will post more ways and on multiple platforms as an appeal for liberty and if possible, form a series of tutorials. I appreciate the wealth CPC(Communist Party of China) has brought to its people but I disrespect its policies against liberty.

Hope you enjoyed it!