Unblock Facebook and Instagram in China with Just My Socks

As is almost known to all, countries like China have banned their citizen from accessing the free world Internet for many years officially. It can be quite annoying for many people who come here newly and have get used to the free internet in their own countries.

This post is intended for foreign friends who stay in China for a comparatively long period or the ones in the countries with similar government surveillance on the internet like China.

So what I will introduce to you is a service provided by Just My Socks, a company that intends providing people freedom on the Internet.

The mission of Just My Socks

It’s just a cup of Coffee

One thing you might care about is how much do I have to pay for that?

The monthly price is actually cheaper than a cup of coffee, and with that what you get is 100GB highest speed transfer you can ever get from China to the US, I promise.

And following is what experience I get from one of the servers provided by Just My Socks. Yes, I can watch Video of 8K on YouTube!

Besides, Facebook, Instagram and so on so many apps are unblocked.

How can I get it

Following is a tutorial about how you can get that app running on your device.

Firstly, click here to get to the Just My Socks official site. And then click on the Register button on the right upper corner of the page.

Then you can log in with the account you have registered. And be aware that Just My Socks uses strict verification when a user tries to log in, so if you see a notification like the following, don’t worry, just just reenter the information and try to login again. Everything will just be fine.

After purchasing one of the services, you will get the following information in your client area.

Now, what you need to do is to set everything up on your devices.


  • Shadowsocks Windows Client,Please Download Shadowsocks-x.x.x.x.zip, and the follow this instruction
  • Shadowsocks macOS Client,Download Shadowsocks-NG.app.x.x.x.zip
  • Shaodowsocks Android Client,Download Shadowsocks–universal-x.x.x.apk
  • For IOS users, you should make sure that you are using a non-china-mainland apple ID, and purchase shadowrocket at the app store. And then configure the server information accordingly. The app is charged, if you find it unacceptable, you may refer to the service that I provide, changing an app, and only the monthly fees are required. (about $2 a month)

I will now introduce how you can configure it on your android, ios and Windows app, if you have any problem, you can contact me or try my service.

The download speed may be slow if you are in China right now, and here is an alternative. Click here to download the right app for your device.


Download the latest app on your Android device, and then install it.

After the installation, you should tap on the plus sign button at the upper right corner.

And then, choose Manual Settings

The server is one of the 5 Shadowsocks Server IP provided to you, you can pick up one of these as you like. And you can set things up by comparing the following 2 screenshots.

After setting it up, all you need to do is to start the app by tapping on the intended server and then the plane at the bottom. After that, you should be able to surf the Internet with freedom!


Download the shadowsocks-NG.app zip file, double click to extract it and then move it to the Applications Folder.

Double click it and then configure the plane icon -> Servers -> Server Preferences.

Click the add sign and the input the Shawowsocks Server IP, Port, Encryption and Password into the textboxes.

Finally, click on Turn Shadowsocks On, you are safe to surf the free Internet.


under development

Please download the .exe file here, and the process is almost the same as on macOS.