OKR in the 30th week of 2019

OKR in the 3rd Quarter

OKR in July

This Week is special, I will go to Guizhou Province for community immersion. It’s for about a week, I think there will be no intentional P.E. time, but instead walking a lot in the mountains. I will bring my Laptop with me, hoping to continue learning on Coursera and surfing the Internet for news. And of course, 3 posts will be guaranteed on my blog. I am sure to take Kindle with me, it’s portable and I have a lot of options in reading with it.


  • 《人间食粮》 by 安德烈·纪德
  • 《理念的力量》 by 张维迎
  • 张爱玲全集剩余书目
  • 《杨绛传》by 央北

Good Habits to Develop

I decided to keep track of my sleep time and get up time to make myself more punctuate.

  • Focus: Adopt Phone Free Hours
  • Keep Calm and Read a Book
  • Sleep Pattern: 22:30 – 5:00 – 6 hours each day + 1 hour nap after lunch
  • Working at least 6 hours daily
  • Balanced Time Perspective – Past Positive & Future Positive & Focus more on Present
  • OKR for long term planning
  • KanbanFlow & Pomodoro for short term practice & Time Management
  • Google Calendar: The bridge between OKR(on Blog) and Pomodoro(KanbanFlow), allocate time on Google Calendar to KanbanFlow TODOs. 我今天准备做哪些有益的事?
  •  Evernote Diary: 我今天做了哪些有益的事?我明天将做哪些有益的事?
  • Learn more about Sympathy: Reading more Novels
  • Less Procrastination: Divide & Conquer & Determination
  • Higher Efficiency: Dedicated Time + Good Learning Path




– MIT 6.033 Computer System Design Textbook



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Knowledge is Power.