OKR in April 2019

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Overview of the year

OKR spread over weeks

  1. 14th week: Mar 31th – April 6th
  2. 15th week: April 7th – April 13th
  3. 16th week: April 14th – April 20th
  4. 17th week: April 21st – April 27th

Good Habits to Develop

  • Sleep Before 10:30 and Get Up Before 5
  • Balanced Time Perspective – Past Positive & Future Positive & Focus more on Present
  • OKR for long term planning
  • KanbanFlow & Pomodoro for short term practice & Time Management
  • Google Calendar: The bridge between OKR(on Blog) and Pomodoro(KanbanFlow), allocate time on Google Calendar to KanbanFlow TODOs. 我今天准备做哪些有益的事?
  •  Evernote Diary: 我今天做了哪些有益的事?
  • Reading more books by following Principles in How to Read a Book
  • Less Procrastination: Divide & Conquer

How to Achieve

  • Confidence
  • Learn as if I were to live forever, live as if I were to die tomorrow.