Learning Path to Become a Computer Scientist

I major in Chemical Engineering, but learn a lot of Computer Science. Recently, I am thinking about why I learn Computer Science, or to put it in another way, I have been thinking about if CS(Computer Science) would become a way of thinking for everyone rather than the subject itself. Maybe I am learning CS just because I want to gain one more perspective for thinking about things. Today(and will consistently in the future), I’d like to share my learning path to become Computer Scientist, or maybe a normal entity for the future society.

Learning Platforms

  1. Udacity– Free, easy to understand basic & advanced courses
  2. Coursera – Specializations Meant for Professionals
  3. edX – Courses from the Industry & Top Universities
  4. MIT OpenCourseware – Most of MIT’s courses

Learning Path to Become a full-stack Developer

It’s actually my first step to become a Computer Scientist and what I have been undertaking since Sept. 2018(Ah! It’s almost 2019, how time flies). I’ve written an article about it. click here to visit it.

Data structure & Algorithms

I’ve picked up some knowledge about Algorithm but only randomly. I think learning algorithm will be one of the main subjects of my 2019. I have already decided to take the Algorithms Specialization offered by Stanford University on Coursera.

Click the title to see more.

Algorithm is Math

To become a computer scientist is someway to become a mathematician.

All in AI – Artificial Inteligence

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

A week ago, I started to learn Computer Vision on Udacity CS271 Course for a school project and the name of the course is called Intro to Computer Science. I got a lot of fun from it and I think CV(Computer Vision) will be one of my recent learning topic and the starting point to AI.

Following is a list of course I have involved in learning


Computer Systems & Architecture

Linux Operating System

General System

Raspberry Pi

  • YouTube Channel Sentdex
  • Book | (0.5 / 1) Raspberry Pi: Advanced Programming