IntelliJ IDE: Students’ best choice

As a previous Windows user, I used Visual Studio a lot. But now, after switching to MacOS, is there any good IDE? 6 months ago, I found IntelliJ, which is free for educational purposes. The verification requires an edu email address, and good for Chinese users, is also supported.


PyCharm is the IDE I use most recently. For starters, even for me, it can be tedious to configure Python virtual environment line by line in terminals. PyCharm automatically has this all set for you on project creation. And as you will see, you do not have to manipulate commands like pip install in most cases. (Exception: manual install packages, when no official package is available)

Auto Virtual Environment + Manage Packages Visually


This is a C/C++ IDE, which I will mention the next time I use it.


RubyMine is awesome for developing Ruby on Rails Web Applications. I will also mention it later.

IntelliJ Official Website