How to Setup Your Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Operating System

This is a step by step tutorial for mac users to configure their Raspberry Pi.



  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. SD Card (32GB recommended)
  3. SD Card Reader


You should download the following software before going on:

  1. The Raspbian Image:
  2. SD Card Fomatter:, You should install the software before going on.
  3. Pi Filler:
Choose this version of Raspbian Image with recommended software

The Raspbian or software version may vary from time to time, but just be sure that you are using the latest one.

Softwares required
The Raspbian Image


Format the SD card

You should have already installed the SD Card Formatter on your macOS. Now plug your sd card in with the USB SD card reader. Choose Quick Format and Format it.

SD Card Formatter

Use the Pi Filler to copying the Raspbian operating system to the SD card.

Click on Choose Target Disk.

Choose Erase “NO NAME”. (NO NAME is the name of your SD card)

Click on Continue

I recommend you to Enable SSH, so that you can easily control your Raspberry Pi without a monitor.

Select Erase SC Card

Wait while the Raspberry Pi OS is being written to your SC card.

Now put the SD card into the SD card slot on your Raspberry Pi and run the system!