How to Install Xilinx 14.7 On Window 10

If without a detailed installation guidance, the installation process of Xilinx 14.7 for Windows can be really tedious and dangerous.

After using Xilinx 14.7 on my Windows 10 PC for 3 months and finding it always crashing, I uninstalled it and installed it again. And above is my thoughts after going through all of these frustrations. Hope this guidance could help you.

Installation Process

You can install the software according to the following instructions, except that the download link is different and you need a license crack. To see the 2 extra steps, you should continue reading.

And to note, to have full support to Xilinx boards, you should choose the ISE Design Suite System Edition. And as in this tutorial if choosing the ISE WebPack, for example, it only supports 2 FPGA boards for Spartan 7, the 70 and 160 model.

Find the Download Link

The download link is changed and may further be changed later. Following is a short video I made for the time of being.

Get the License Crack

Really thank these YouTubers for providing such great tutorials.