Hands-on Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL) – How to Share Files

A command-line Linux is available on Windows 10 as WSL(Windows Subsystem on Linux). This system uses a hybrid architecture that provides subsystems to communicate with the Windows Kernel to provide actual services.

Operating System Concepts, 10th edition, page 91

How to Install the Subsystem

Firstly, go to the Microsoft Store and search Linux generally or your specific distro name. You will find a whole bunch of these. (Some of the apps in the following illustration are not)

You can install a Subsystem just like installing a typical Win 10 app. After the installation, launch the application as you would do with an ordinary app.

In the following part, I will be using a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS subsystem.

How to Operate Files on Windows 10 on the Linux OS

Since the system is a hybrid one, you can share files between the Linux substem and its parent.

To operate on files on the parent system (Windows 10), you can go to the /mnt directory on Linux. So the disks on Windows are considered as external storage on the subsystem.

As you can see, all of the 3 disks on my Windows machine are shown when listing the files at the /mnt directory.

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