2019 New Year’s Resolution

What am I gonna do in 2019? Following is a full picture! It may seem to be crazy, but I am determined and I believe I can achieve one by one.

Firstly, I want to introspect the year 2018, go and see the last chapter of my 2018! And to make it more structured and easy to read, I’d like to only make a short list below and to extend it later or by providing links to respective sections. (These sections will be updated consistently as 2019 moves on).

Things to do in 2019

Good Habits to Develop

  • Sleep enough
  • Do more Sports
  • Balanced Time Perspective
  • OKR for long term planning
  • KanbanFlow & Pomodoro for short term practice & Time Management
  • Reading more books by following Principles in How to Read a Book
  • Less Procrastination: Divide & Conquer

How to Achieve all of above

Divide and Conquer like a Computer Scientist and also just get things done like how I finished the Half Marathon on Dec. 30th, 2018. Things are not difficult the moment I get started.

OKR Practice all over the year